Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let's "Pray-flect" and Really Do Nothing

In the wake of the tragic Colorado shootings, this is most certainly a time for prayer and reflection in America. But these days, with our busy hectic lifestyles, who has time to pray AND reflect?

That's why I propose that we combine prayer and reflection into a single act, "pray-flection." Now, the problem with prayer and reflection separately is that they might actually get something done. Reflection means thinking deeply about a topic, to the point that you may reach new insights and possibly form new opinions. And prayer, well, obviously sending out prayer waves from your head will reorganize the particles of the universe into one where gun violence is a thing of the past. And since this is America, neither of those things is any good.

The beauty about pray-flection is that in terms of actually getting something done, the prayer part and the reflection part cancel each other out. When you pray-flect, you empty your mind of any possible thought or impulse that could have any consequence whatsoever on yourself or on the world. At the same time, though, you give yourself the idea that you actually are doing something — which of course is that you are pray-flecting! See how it works?

Think about how nice it will be to tell everyone that you pray-flected about the shootings for a half hour today. It’s both easier and less effective than praying for a half-hour and then reflecting for a half-hour.

And doesn’t that just make it more American?


  1. It doesn't make you money so it isn't American enough.

    1. That's a great point. Perhaps we could somehow use pray-flection to profit off of people's debt and/or poor health.

  2. I feel like reflecting a little here. Two cars collided on the highway near here not too long ago and 8 people died. This tragedy never made the news beyond the local area. How come millions cry and pray for 12 people in a theater and no one cries and prays for 8 on the road? Well, I don't cry or pray for any of them actually.

  3. As a pray-flecting councelor I could make money on this. Giving advice on how to most effectively pray-flect. Tony Robbins style, of course.