Friday, December 3, 2010

The Moon Landing Was Faked...Sure, Why Not? (7/19/2009)

This was originally posted on a horrible site called Myspace. When Myspace underwent a redesign in Fall 2010, hundreds of insightful reader comments that had been left over the years were lost. I have since deleted my account there.

I watched a Fox News clip with Geraldo Rivera, and learned that 25% of young people currently believe that the moon landing was faked.

Isn't that good news?

But consider some of the arguments that are being put forth by conspiracy theorists: It's possible to exactly replicate the grainy, black-and-white look of the 1969 event. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin refused to swear to God on the Bible that he had walked on the moon. (Now that's powerful evidence!) There were no stars visible in the background -- just a big black sheet, apparently, as you can't see anything in the crude video image. Neil Armstrong refuses to talk to anyone...what about that? And those reflectors that anyone can shine a laser at, they were put there by the Russians, not Apollo 11 as claimed, you see.

All of this is in a video on YouTube. You can watch it yourself!

If you want to believe, I'm sure it's highly compelling evidence. It tends to work that way, you know?


  1. One forth?

    OH, of YOUNG PEOPLE IN GENERAL! I thought for a moment that you meant young Americans, which is why the low number surprised me.

    But I jest.

    Isn't it fun when statistics are taken by people who haven't spent enough time to know what a "biased sample" (underlying variable) is? Without even hearing how the study was performed, I know that it was taken improperly by Fox News only by people visiting their website or some such.

    Of course, that's the perspective I feel I have to take. After all, my faith in humanity is already so fragile. If this was a properly performed "simple random sample" type study of the entire world, then we must take another look at how we (potentially more informed) can remain sane.

  2. i love the controvacy surrounding this was it all planned by some higher ranking secret government like the illuminatti or the 33 degree masons thats what i want to know who is the main man athe the top of the pyramid

  3. A lot of hoax claims (these in particular) are the result of misinformation or presenting evidence without further researching what it means.

    To show you what I mean, there's a reason you can't see any stars in the background (and it's the easiest to explain): they're too faint to see in broad daylight.

    This is just one example of many.

  4. Good point -- right, NASA forgot to put stars into their fake set...checkmate. It's like how 9/11 Truthers run around saying "NIST admits freefall! NIST admits freefall!" As if the U.S. government would cough up such a scandalous secret as part of the press conference it organized.